“Bartek Duś and Magdalena Wojciechowska – these names should be remembered as the door to an amazing career is opening to them.(…) They both play as if it were a matter of life and death, and they bring over and over at times a smile and at times a rhythmic agitation to the faces of the audience” – Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung

MagDus Duo was founded in Katowice in 2012 by two young Polish performers: pianist Magda Wojciechowska and saxophonist Bartek Duś.

In a world of globalized uniformity the duo stands out by its personal sound, youthful imagination and the chamber music perfection. Their playing is honest, full of passion, merging two various personalities into one musical entity. Chamber music is for them more than art, it is kind of philosophy of life about comunication, evolution, sharing ideas and discovering new ones…

Since its founding in 2012, the MagDus Duo has performing extensively in Poland, Germany and Italy. In Spring 2013 the duo won second prize in XVII International Chamber Competition in Łódź (Poland). Their performance with sonatas by William Albright and Johannes Brahms (transcription) was highly acclaimed by both jury and audience. In September 2014 the duo won second prize and public award at the Salieri-Zinetti International Chamber Music Competition in Verona, Italy.

In 2012 its debut record “Malinconico” with works of the French composers of the 20th century, was published by the Classic Clips publishing house.

The extensive repertoire of the duo covers almost all sonatas, cyclical forms and miniatures written originally for saxophone and piano. It also covers transcriptions of chamber works for violin, clarinet, flute, as well as its own transcription of other works. MagDus Duo also is performing contemporary music and working with young generation composers.