Known as “Borg Tusgnàn”, Tossignano actually has Roman origins that recall it in the name of Thausignanum. It is located in a strategic position for the domain of the Valley of Santerno and it is located between the river Santerno and the Vena del Gesso. The hill on which it is located has always been inaccessible, equipped since the beginning of impressive fortifications implemented by the Romans in defense of the place, after the attacks of the Umbrians and the Celts. Historically considered an impregnable fortification for those who had ambitions of power in the surrounding area, Borgo Tossignano has always boasted strong and combative inhabitants, ready to defend those who wanted to overwhelm them for territorial conquest. It is no coincidence that the town will have to rise again from its ashes, razed to the ground and rebuilt.

San Girolamo Church

Ancient temple officiated by Carmelites from 1858 to 1873 and later by the Minor Observatories from 1873 to 1884, it has recently been restored and currently houses the Visiting and Documentation Center of the Vena del Gesso. In a part of the Palace there is also a Museum of Material Culture.


San Girolamo Church: Via San Michele, 1 – 40021 Borgo Tossignano (Bo)


Municipality of Borgo Tossignano – administrative office: Ph. +39 0542 91111