When the Castle, which took the name of Castel Bolognese, was built in 1389 by the Senate of Bologna, it was provided the construction of resistant walls and a door, as well as a defensive moat. The community settled in the castle was enlarged soon, so as to form a village close to the gateway. To defend these houses too, the walls were extended in 1425, enclosing a part of Via Emilia.

The castle, had lost its defensive function and outpost Bologna, and then became a walled city. The access doors were two, both on Via Emilia, and placed one towards Faenza and the other towards Imola. Bastions at the corners were built and the fortress, that Antonio di Vincenzo had built, in 1391 was reinforced. The walls of the old castle inside the new walls were demolished, the access bridge to the old door and the moat were buried, the tower that guarded Castel Bolognese remained until February 4, 1945, when the enemies destroyed it.



Piazzale Roma n. 40 – 48014 Castel Bolognese (Ravenna)


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