The 6th edition of the winter season at the Masini theatre of Faenza, labelled Emilia Romagna Festival, will start on October 18 at 9 pm with the Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini, one of the anchors of the symphonic repertory in Italy.

Conducted by the talented and young Jacopo Rivani, the Filarmonica Toscanini will perform The consecration of the house op. 124 and Name day op. 115, and in the second part the suite for concerto The Creatures of Prometheus.

A repertoire of a mature Beethoven, really conscious of his music. In particular, with The Creatures of Prometheus, Beethoven demonstrated his virtuosity, his creativity and his brilliance in composing music. However The Creatures of Prometheus was not appreciated by the public of the time, but Beethoven managed to recover the excellent overture, that survived as a single concerto piece.