Emilia Romagna Festival number 18! In the edition that coincides with its eighteenth birthday, the great affirmed area festival proposes a special program full of unique events of importance, entering into the tradition of musical festivals that make up the cultural heritage of the region.

From 8 July to 8 September, 36 events in over 30 concert venues, distributed among the provinces of Bologna, Forlì – Cesena, Ravenna and Ferrara, among the most precious places of the architectural and landscape tradition of Emilia Romagna.

Also for this edition, the Festival confirms its vocation to versatility and experimentation, inviting the public to follow it on the streets of the region, without any danger of getting lost … just close your eyes and follow the music: Follow ERF, Follow the Music.

The music will guide the audience on a thematic journey, starting with the inaugural concert with the Chinese Dance Theater Lanzhou, one of the most important dance companies in China, bringing for the first time in Italy its best work: The Tales of the Silk Road. We will continue with great names such as the legendary Brazilian musician Egberto Gismonti, or the violinist Stefan Milenkovich, passing through Richard Galliano’s concert written for the Festival, up to the pianist Miguel Proença, the master of electronics Martux_m, I Virtuosi Italiani, to the young talent of the Milton String Quartet. Moreover, the constant presence of two Italian music excellences: the Arturo Toscanini Filarmonica, one of the best international orchestras and Stefano Belisari, alias Elio, frontman of the group Elio e le Storie Tese, artist in residence 2018.

And many, many names, distributed in the themes of this 18th edition: from Special Projects, series of concerts that starts from the idea of experimentation and mixture of cultures that has made the festival great, at the Brazilian Tetralogy, four events with Brazilian music performed by some of the best interpreters and composers of all time, enriched by a sequence of events based on Latin American music, from the Homage to Rossini on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his death to young talents of Primo Premio!.

Everything will take place in the most beautiful and enchanted places in the region, which have always been a peculiarity of the festival. There are many roads to visit, museums to visit, places to listen to, pieces of history to cross: so many that you risk losing yourself. But do not worry: Follow ERF, Follow the Music.