The Cassero is the monument that officially marks the birth of Castel San Pietro in 1199, as a bastion to defend the territory of Bologna.

It was first built in wood and then transformed several times according to the needs of the militias who, century after century, conquered it and used it as the main bastion against the enemies, until the early 1500s, when Bologna and Imola passed under the Papal State and Castel San Pietro definitively lost its military function.

The Cassero (from the Arabic “qasr”, castle, Roman castrum) is currently a massive building, adorned with Ghibelline merlons, it is the result of various interventions.

From 1734 there is a first document that mentions the theatre inside the Cassero. The theatre was restored in 1830. Used as a military accommodation during the First World War, in 1916 it was struck by a lightning and therefore a new restructuring operation was essential.

The project involved the restoration of the original structure “… knocking down, at least in part, what had been leaning against this ancient monument, which preserves its original primitive elegance. Instead of the Theatre, between the walls of the ancient Cassero with its restored merlons, there would be a large hall for concerts, conferences, meetings, popular universities and anything else that could be useful for modern public life…The large salon would have space to accommodate over 300 people…” A further significant intervention was carried out between the years 1970 and 1980, in which a stepped metal structure was added.


Luogo di spettacoli e di incontro

At the basis of the restructuring project is the strong will of the Municipal Administration to maintain for Cassero a fruition that allows citizens to fully enjoy the historical site, for theatrical performances, conferences, conferences and exhibitions.

The project – which considered the peculiarities and the spatial potentials of the building – led to the realization in particular:

inside the Cassero an entertainment theatre composed of a parterre sector with 120 seats, that include seats for disabled persons, and a gallery with 60 seats for a total of about 180 seats. A wardrobe, ticket office, foyer, toilets divided by gender, wcH, dressing rooms with services, also divided by gender and for artists with disabilities, bar and control room.

“Roof garden” a terrace that in spring and autumn offers, for a total of 100 people, a space for cultural activities or for entertainment activities such as piano bar or other.


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