The Ridotto of the Ebe Stignani Theatre is a splendid room on the second floor of the Theatre.

The Theatre was inaugurated in 1782 with the work of Giulio Sabino of the master Giuseppe Sarti, the theatre was closed for about 15 years during the advent of the Papal State and reopened later with the success of the Rossini works. Donated to the Municipality of Imola in 1846, it had a fragmented posters during the twentieth century, undergoing the steps of the war and the interruptions due to various renovations. In 1977 he was dedicated to the opera singer Ebe Stignani from whom it still takes the name and after several years of inactivity, reopens in 2010, hosting prose reviews and music at the national level.


Via Giuseppe Verdi, 1 – 40026 Imola (BO)


Teatro Comunale Ebe Stignani
Ph. 0542.602600 – fax 0542.602626