On February 14th, at the Teatro Ebe Stignani in Imola at 9.00 pm, a great concert with Uto Ughi accompanied by Maryse Regard at the violin, Raffaele Mallozzi at the viola and Luca Pincini at the cello.

Two of the most evocative and sublime compositions in the history of classical music, American by Dvořák and Death and the Maiden by Schubert, will accompany the audience in a concert that will see on stage Uto Ughi, the guru of every Italian violinist.

The concert will start from the American by Dvořák, a string quartet that incorporates many of the melodies of American folklore, which had so much influenced the Russian master, able to range, within the same composition, from melancholic and serious atmospheres to other light carefree. But the highlight of the program will be the famous Schubert’s quartet known as Death and the Maiden, published posthumously, dedicated to the ambivalent relationship between death and joy of living – with a melody that terrifies and attracts, upsets and falls in love. The theme of Death and the Maiden became central to romantic culture, inspiring novels, dramas and films. In the quartet, the incessant Death advances towards the Maiden who, having risked the danger, in the form of the graceful melody of the first violin, begins to flee.