The internationally acclaimed performer Noa will be the absolute protagonist of the concert on Friday 9th August (9.15 pm) at the Teatro all’Aperto di Largo Cappuccini in Cesenatico. For the occasion, the Israeli singer will present her new recording project, “LETTERS TO BACH”, released in March 2019 for Believe International, and will be accompanied on stage by Gil Dor on guitar, Gadi Seri on percussion and Or Lubianiker on electric bass.

In the album, produced by the legendary Quincy Jones, Noa enriches 12 pieces of music by the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach with his words, thanks to texts in English and Hebrew, inspired by themes ranging from the personal sphere to a more universal one, such as technology, religion, global warming, feminism, up to euthanasia, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and relations in the era of social media. The arrangements were made by Gil Dor, guitarist, composer and arranger.