On Friday 6 September at 9 pm in the Church of San Giacomo in San Domenico in Forlì will be the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, for the first time in Italy, conducted by Tsung Yeh. On the programme a series of pieces, for the majority of oriental composers, almost in Italian premiere.

Founded in 1997, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) has the role of preserving traditional arts and culture. In the symphony orchestra, composed of about 85 elements, instruments of the European tradition such as cello, harp,  eardrums coexist alongside classical instruments of the Chinese tradition such as Gaohu, Erhu, Zhonghu, Yangqin,  Pipa, Sanxian, giving life to new and engaging sounds with numerous original songs and compositions.

The programme of the evening opens with the composer Law WaiLun with the piece, recently recorded by the SCO, Prince Sang Nila Utama and Singa. Followed by the symphonic poem of the German composer Enjott Schneider entitled Earth and Fire, piece for sheng (an ancient wind instrument with free reed) and Chinese orchestra. We will listen to Arise, You Lion Of Glory, by the young composer Gordon Fung Dec-Lun from Hong Kong! (Wake up, lion of glory!) a pipe concert. Small dreamlike and mysterious episodes compose the short song Buka Panggung (2006) by the Malaysian composer Yii Kah Hoe. More known to Italian listeners, however, is the work of Tan Dun, a living Chinese composer and conductor.

A wonderful concert in which West and East meet.