With “Ouverture, Fantasie, Folletti, Virtuosismi” I Solisti Veneti and Lucio Degani, as solo violin and concert master, will open on 15th October (9 pm) the VIII concerts season ERF&TeatroMasiniMusica.

The title of the concert refers to a violin repertoire with a pleasant and playful melody: in particular Antonio Bazzini’s La Ridda dei Folletti is one of the pieces with the most exasperated and terrible virtuosity, which focuses the audience’s attention on the frenetic movement of the bow – as if the violin itself was inhabited by fairy tale creatures. The program also includes pieces by Vivaldi, Dorilla’s overture in Tempe and Grosso Mogul, concert in D major, Giuseppe Verdi with Quartetto in E minor and Giovanni Bottesini with Fantasia on Bellini’s “La Sonnambula”.

With Degani, the Orchestra of I Solisti Veneti, founded exactly sixty years ago in 1959, has performed over 6,000 concerts in 90 countries. Winner of the highest musical awards, from the Grammy Prize to the Festival Bar Prize, up to the La Fenice Theater prize considered as a “Nobel for Music”. Today the Orchestra is always at the centre of the international music scene and thanks to its reputation it has been able to perform hundreds of unknown works of the great Italian musical heritage.