On 29 January (9 pm) at the Ridotto of the Masini Theatre in Faenza a concert with the pianist Sandro de Palma and the Quartetto Guadagnini. They will perform music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Cèsar Franck and Silvia Colasanti, a young and successful composer with whom the quartet has already worked.

The Quartetto Guadagnini was formed in 2012, after just two years it won the Piero Farulli Prize at the XXXIII Franco Abbiati Prize. Composed by Fabrizio Zoffoli and Cristina Papini on violins, Matteo Rocchi on viola and Alessandra Cefaliello on cello, the quartet has already performed in the most important Italian and European music seasons and concert halls. In 2016 he debuted at the Teatro La Pergola in Florence and at the Festival dei 2Mondi in Spoleto, as co-protagonist of “Tre risvegli“, a musical theatre project by Silvia Colasanti based on a text by Patrizia Cavalli, directed by Mario Martone, with the participation of the actress Alba Rohrwacher.

The pianist Sandro De Palma will accompany the Quartetto Guadagnini. Versatile and creative artist, De Palma is considered “one of the most interesting interpreters of the European panorama” (Guido Zaccagnini). Often on tour between Europe, China, Japan and the USA, he is also a teacher, organizer, producer, artistic director and writer.