Vite da cinema: come la favola di Guerra e Fellini è diventata memoria di tutti is the second tribute that the festival dedicates to Tonino Guerra and Federico Fellini, the two most famous sons of Romagna, by another internationally renowned Romagna, Elena Bucci, together with the Duomo Ensemble who will accompany her with the music by Nino Rota and texts by and based on Fellini and Tonino Guerra.

Federico Fellini and Tonino Guerra, born in the same year, 1920, in the same land, Romagna, and colleagues in the creation of films and stories that, starting from their personal memories, speak to the whole world.

Vite da cinema – scheduled for Wednesday 5 August (at 9 pm), at the Rocca Sforzesca in Imola – are their extraordinary biographies, but also those of wonderful strangers who through their eyes, memories, writings, films have been appreciated by immense audiences and lead to seek the dream and the fable in every fragment of daily life.

The journey through the works of these surprising ‘big boys’ is endless. On this occasion we will focus on some passages from Fellini’s ‘Fare un film’, published by Einaudi, and some of his interviews, on fragments of the script of ‘Amarcord’ and some writings and poems by Tonino Guerra taken from the precious collection ‘L’infanzia del mondo – Opere 1946-2012’ by Luca Cesari, published by Bompiani. Thanks to the kind concession of Gianfranco Angelucci, who met them and worked with them, you will also be able to hear stories of life and memories that will help us fly into that golden and courageous era of our culture and our art.