Ramin Bahrami is considered one of the most interesting Bachian interpreters in the world. But on Monday 10 August (9 pm) at the Cloister of Carmine in Lugo, he will temporarily abandon his beloved Bach, the author who gave him world fame, to travel through three centuries of music, from Domenico Scarlatti to Beethoven, through Chopin, Rachmaninov, Skrajbin, Mompou, Sibelius, and Liszt.

The songs are taken from his latest CD Malinconia, which also gives the title to the concert, just released on the famous German label Decca. Melancholy is the state of mind of the human being that is typically associated with the artist, a state of mind that is often evoked for the inspiration of great works of art and compositions. From Aristotle to modern psychoanalysis is a theme that has attracted the attention of writers, philosophers, artists, poets, scientists, psychoanalysts, directors.

Taking his cue from the famous engraving by Albrecht Dürer dated 1514, Ramin Bahrami then draws a fascinating and intense musical journey through the immortal pages chosen from among those of the greatest composers considered “melancholic”.

Thus, after having extensively explored and performed almost exclusively the repertoire of Eisenach’s genius, in his new project the Iranian pianist distances himself from Bach for the first time to face different composers, even very distant chronologically.