“O Supersong”: Cristina Zavalloni’s chameleonic voice and Fabrizio Puglisi’s piano bring the most beautiful songs to the stage, from the Beatles to Battiato, revised in a contemporary key. The concert will be on Friday 28 August (9.00 pm) at the Rocca Sforzesca in Imola.

O Supersong is the result of a co-production between the Festival Aperto di Reggio Emilia and the RomaEuropa Festival, in which Cristina Zavalloni and Fabrizio Puglisi participated in the autumn of 2018. The title is inspired by one of the songs on the programme: O Superman by Laurie Anderson. For this work, Cristina Zavalloni was asked to create a revised version of some famous songs of the contemporary scene. The programme includes different genres: from Battiato to Radiohead, passing through the Norwegian death metal of Meshuggah.