Monday, July 19 at the Convent of Cappuccini of Castel San Pietro Terme (9.30), second appointment with La Toscanini Next, here in formation reduced to five instruments: Alessandro Salaroli on sax soprano, Luca Crusco on sax alto, Ethan Bonini on sax tenor, Eoin Setti on sax baritone and Alessandro Zezza on keyboard.

For “Note di stelle”, this is the title of the concert, the quintet of La Toscanini Next will engage in a program of various music, from classical with Dmítrij Šostakóvič and Giacomo Puccini, to jazz with some sacred monsters such as Duke Ellington, Chick Corea and Gerry Mulligan, until the music from movies with Ennio Morricone.

The Toscanini NEXT is an innovative orchestral project formed by musicians under 35, realized in collaboration and with the support of the cultural network of the Emilia-Romagna Region. The interaction and the mixture of genres and styles are the characteristics of his activity: symphonic-operatic revisited in a pop/rock key; incidental music (adaptation of music for dance and prose, musical, cabaret); global music, soundtracks. Among its aims, that of bringing music in the squares, theaters, places of culture and memory to enter the connective tissue of the territory and get closer to the public.