“A journey through the three cantiche. Purgatorio: the water that purifies” is the second event in which notes and verses meet to pay homage to Dante on the 700th anniversary of his death, starring actress, director and author Elena Bucci, accompanied by the very young and talented cellist Ettore Pagano.

A reading-show created by Elena Bucci specifically for the festival, which will introduce the cantica of Purgatorio, accompanied by the sounds recreated live by Ettore Pagano, Roman musician, just eighteen years old but with a curriculum of studies and concerts already as a great performer.

Purgatorio is the middle cantica, that is, terrestrity and celestiality waiting for pacification, perhaps the least studied at school, but certainly the closest to our condition of “men on the road” in which the time needed for atonement and reparation is marked by gestures of great spiritual value and by encounters characterized by a deep humanity.

Elena Bucci will be the protagonist of a last date dedicated to Dante: with the harp and flute of the Duo Psiche will perform on July 29, 2021 (9.00) at the Garden of the Public Library of Alfonsine.