Tuesday, July 27 at 9pm, the Rocca di Riolo, one of the most interesting rocks of our territory for its state of conservation, will be the setting for the baroque music of five prestigious Italian composers, five musicians who contributed, with their art, to the not only national musical greatness, proposed by the ensemble The Third Sound.

In the program of the evening, alongside the great names of Antonio Vivaldi, Giuseppe Tartini and Benedetto Marcello, also two authors less known as Pasquale Pericoli and the Bolognese naturalized Venetian Anna Bon from Venice, one of the few women composers of that time.

Composers whose skill and fame are the proof of how for the whole of the seventeenth century and until the middle of the next century, Italy was the driving force of great European music with its great violin schools, the invention of new instruments and new musical forms, the birth of melodrama, which will remain alive to this day. A cultural ferment that has led Italian composers to be invited to all the courts of Europe, from Russia to Spain, from Portugal to Germany, passing through the great French royal court.

The international Ensemble Il Terzo Suono, which combines fidelity to historical sources with an expressiveness that does not give up imagination, proposes its compositions in a journey to the discovery of pages often poorly executed, vivacity and elegance to retrace the vast repertoire of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that such an organic allows to perform.