On Friday 30th July (9.15 pm), in the courtyard of Pomposa Abbey in Codigoro, as part of the Emilia Romagna Festival, Pamela Villoresi, accompanied by the piano of Marco Scolastra, interprets the verses of Dante Alighieri.

An evening dedicated to the great poet on the occasion of the celebrations of the 700 years since his death during which the musical program, from Liszt to Rossini passing through Chopin and Pappalardo performed on the piano, will accompany and alternate to the reading of the verses drawn from the songs of Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. In an alternation of music and poetry to the discovery of the Divine Comedy proposed through an approach “insolent”, far from a technical and prudent reading, which plays with the verses, with the characters, with their talk, and with the sensations and wonder aroused by them.

A reading that Pamela Villoresi has built in months of study and proposed – in a different version, without music – for the first time in Verona invited to propose the show in Piazza Dante, under the white marble of Dante’s statue. After so many years the actress chooses “to share this insolent adventure with the master Marco Scolastra, who enjoys taking risks and who has decided to propose selected and accurate pieces to become an interpreter of the divine verses”.