Sunday, September 5 in the courtyard of the Church of San Lorenzo in Varignana, an evening tribute to the talent of Paganini. On stage Roberto Noferini, one of the most brilliant violinists of his generation, and Donato D’Antonio, contemporary musician and curator, will offer the public one of the most sensitive and virtuoso musical moments ever composed for the formation of violin and guitar.

To open the evening the swirling dance from the propulsive accompaniment of the Entr’acte composed by Jacques Ibert for the French adaptation to the Spanish drama Le médecin de son honneur, among his most recognized compositions and product of his love for Spanish literature and music. It follows the eighteenth-century Sonata in E minor by Arcangelo Corelli with its poignant chanting of the first movement and then alternate movements rich in all those affections and stylistic characteristics of the baroque.

The central part of the evening is dedicated to Maestro Paganini to whom the two musicians have dedicated their last monographic album, recorded for the company Tactus and just released on the market. Two Sonatas op. 3, also present in the disc, and the Sonata Concertata, pieces in which Paganini expresses all his wisdom chamber music reaching peaks of high musical dialogue between the two instruments. The ability of the composer to use the technical and expressive characteristics of the violin and guitar creates space for great virtuosities that reach the physical limits of the instrument and the performer, without ever betraying that operatic and theatrical accounting that will become increasingly dominant with the inexorable rise of melodrama and «bel canto».

It continues with the Sonata of the Italian guitarist, composer and cellist Mauro Giuliani to conclude with a tribute to Béla Bartók of which is proposed the suite of six dances composed in 1915 elaborating as many Romanian folk dances, originally from Transylvania.