The 17th Emilia Romagna Festival will open on July 14, with the Italian premiere of “Frescobaldi Renaissance” by Ramin Bahrami and Martux_m. The two musicians will present their latest experimental project at the Palazzo Bellini Arena in Comacchio at 21:30: the arrangement for piano and electronic of the first six Toccate by Girolamo Frescobaldi.

The programme of this year introduces two themes, which will be in connection several times. The first one follows the motion of the sun in reverse from East to West, and accompanies music from Latin America to Europe to the Far East. The second theme is a synthesis between the Baroque and the modern – or rather: “the present”.

The opening concert will represent the interaction of the two themes; it is an experimentation of two Masters: the world-class classical pianist Ramin Bahrami and the Italian pioneer of the electronic genre Martux-m aka Maurizio Martusciello, with the support of Giulio Maresca, an electronic musician too. The project starts with Girolamo Frescobaldi, a baroque musician and composer today almost forgotten. Bahrami and Martux_m have recovered his first six “Toccate” to renovate them: the piano of Ramin Bahrami supported by the electronic music of Martux_m and Maresca will recontextualize the “Pizzicato” sound of the harpsichord.