The great pianist Ivo Pogorelich will open the second edition of ERF#STIGNANIMUSICA 2017-18, with a repertory of some of the best piano composers, such as Clementi, Haydn, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt and Ravel.

Ivo Pogorelich, born in Belgrade in 1958, is an extraordinary pianist. The famous pianist Martha Argerich said “This man is a genius” leaving the jury of the International Chopin Competition in Warsaw, because he was prevented from participating in the final contest. The Los Angeles Times wrote about him: “He played each note exactly, with such a feeling, such expression, he was an entire orchestra– it was as if he played 200 years ahead of our time.”

He played in the biggest theatres of the whole world with the best conductors and the most prestigious orchestras. In 1986 he established the Foundation of the Young Musicians in Croatia, in 1988 he opened the Bad Wörishofen Festival in Germany, and in 1993 the international piano solo competition “Ivo Pogorelich” in the Californian city of Pasadena.