The Philarmonic Orchestra of Brescia and Bergamo Festival, a prestigious and young orchestra based on an innovative project, will perform on December 5th at 9.00 pm at the Ebe Stignani Theatre in Imola. The orchestra will be conducted by Pier Carlo Orizio, the founder, and accompanied on piano by Alessandro Taverna. The programme, from Mozart to Beethoven, will be among the most emphatic pieces that classical music can offer.

The Overture of The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart evokes, from the first notes, a musical culture that many consider the real essence of classical music. The Marriage of Figaro was written in six weeks and is the synthesis of the great inventiveness of the author.

From this energetic lightness we will pass to the more measured one, but equally extraordinary, of the Piano Concerto in A major K 488, until the impetuous third movement. The concert will finish with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1 in C major. If the first pieces belong to a more mature Mozart, conscious of his identity, this conclusion belongs to a green Beethoven – before he could become the well-known Beethoven.