The music season at Masini Theatre of Faenza begins the new year with the fairy tale l’Histoire de Babar by Francis Poulenc (1940) and some short musical composition by Erik Satie, Sports et Divertissements. David Riondino will narrate the tale of the little elephant born in the forest and grown up in the city, accompanied to the piano by the master Sandro De Palma.

The story is about Histoire de Babar le petit éléphant, written by Jean de Brunhoff in 1931: a little elephant who, having lost his mother because of a hunter, leaves the jungle and discovers civilization. Babar, before becoming a film, was transformed by Francis Poulenc into an opera, converting the images in sounds.

The Riondino’s performance, titled “Piovono Coriandoli”, will be a cohesion of colours, sounds, images and imagination. Sandro De Palma will perform at th piano the original opera of Poulenc and some pieces by Erik Satie, composer of the early 20th century.