The piano of Maurizio Baglini, accompanied by multimedia images and by the clicks of Giuseppe Andrea L’Abbate, will be the protagonist – Friday 23 February (9.00 pm) at the Ebe Stignani Theatre in Imola – of a unique and completely new show: “Musica da vedere”, on the notes of Carnaval op. 9 by Schumann and Pictures at an exhibition by Mussorgskij.

Among the most brilliant and appreciated in the international scene, Baglini has a vast repertoire ranging from Byrd to contemporary music. Since 2012, together with the multimedia artist Giuseppe Andrea L’Abbate, he carries on the “Web Piano” project, which combines the live interpretation of great piano masterpieces to an original visual narration of great impact, projected on screen.

From this project is born “Musica da vedere”, which brings to the theatre a unique cocktail of notes, words and binary code, modernizing and giving new life, in the interpretation and in the atmosphere, to Schumann and Mussorgsky.

Behind his masks, Schumann’s Carnaval op.9 hides a portrait of a “wrong” world. Mussorgsky composed the Pictures after having visited, in 1874, the exhibition dedicated to the friend Victor Hartmann. The composition aroused great interest: Ravel made from it a famous version for orchestra. Kandinsky made from it a theatrical play by designing sets and moving panels. Emerson, Lake and Palmer even made it a rock version. For these reasons this music, which connects spaces and languages, originated the “Web Piano” project.