Bologna is a very old university town, it still hosts many students who animate its cultural and social life. Known for its towers and porticos – one of the examples is the way that starts from Porta Saragozza up to the Sanctuary of San Luca – it has, thanks to a careful restoration and conservation policy started by the end of the years sixty of the last century, a well-preserved historic centre. The city, whose first settlements date back to at least a thousand years before Christ, has always been an important urban centre, first under the Etruscans and the Celts and then under the Romans. Its monumental importance is based on a homogeneous set of architectural emergencies such as medieval towers, ancient buildings, churches and, in general, the structure of the historic centre, together with works of art resulting from an artistic history that should not be underestimated. Bologna also boasts an important transports communication: its central position and the linking of the railway line from north to south, allows it to be a centre of communication that is fundamental for the economy and the viability. In Bologna take place numerous prestigious cultural, economic and political institutions and one of the most advanced exhibition centres in Europe. In 2000 it was “European Capital of Culture” and since 2006 it is UNESCO “Music City”. Bologna was also selected to participate in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo along with 45 other cities in the world.

Airport Marconi Business Lounge

In addition to a large relax area with sofas and armchairs, the Lounge has an office area and a meeting area.

These are the main services offered to the guests of the Lounge:

  • FAST TRACK: privileged access to the boarding room through dedicated security checks.
  • Check-in hand luggage for numerous Airlines.
  • WiFi
  • Office area with print/fax services and Internet Point.
  • Information desk and concierge service with booking of taxi and car with driver and with the possibility to access the car valet service.
  • Satellite TV and coffee bar.
  • On request: dedicated VIP service

Located on the first floor of the air terminal, before security checks, the entrance to the Marconi Business Lounge is reserved for the following categories:

  • Travellers indicated by the individual Airlines or possessors of accredited cards.
  • Possessors of single entrances, that can be purchased on-line, by telephone at 051 6479616, or directly in MBL. Each entry is valid for a single person.


Airport Marconi Business Lounge: Via del Triumvirato, 84 – 40126 Bologna