For the third season ERF#StignaniMusica 2018/19, restart the free events of “L’Opera nel Ridotto“, that is a series of tributes to great composers of the past in the Ridotto of the Ebe Stignani Theatre, dedicated to the world of Opera and curated by Luca Rebeggiani, director of the Imola’s Theatre.

The first event – Friday October 26th, at 8 pm – is dedicated to the great Gioachino Rossini on the 150th anniversary of his death, with the most famous of his works: The Barber of Seville. The opera, which will be projected in full video, will be introduced and commented by Luca Rebeggiani.

The Barber of Seville is a work in two acts by Gioachino Rossini on a libretto by Cesare Sterbini taken from the comedy by Beaumarchais. Before Rossini, Giovanni Paisiello had staged his Barber of Seville in 1782, ten years before the birth of Rossini. The work was chosen by Duke Francesco Sforza Cesarini, impresario of the Argentina Theatre in Rome and commissioned to Rossini for the upcoming carnival. The impresario proposed as subject “The Barber of Seville” to be sure of the approval of the pontifical censors. The first performance, in 1816 at the Argentina  Theatre in Rome, was unsuccessful due to the supporters of Paisiello; but already from the second recital, the public acclaimed Rossini’s work, leading it to obscure the previous version and becoming one of the most represented works in the world.

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