On January 11, at 8 pm, there will be another appointment of L’Opera nel Ridotto, a series of tributes to great composers of the past in the Ridotto of the Stignani Theatre, dedicated to the world of opera, curated by Luca Rebeggiani, director of the Stignani Theatre of Imola. Free entry.

To commemorate the 200 years since the birth of Jacques Offenbach (1819 – 1880) composer and cellist, his brilliant La Grande-Duchesse de Gerolstein, ‘opéra bouffe’ in three acts and four tableaux on original libretto by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy, will be presented.

The story includes a satirical critique of militarism and is inextricably linked to the Paris Universal Exposition of 1867: Offenbach worked hard so that the premiere took place simultaneously with the opening of the exhibition, which attracted visitors from all over the world to Paris.

The work conceals a thin veil of melancholy, connected to unrealizable loves, death sentences, wars and deceptions made by very serious spites. Everything in a frame that does not show the dynamics of relationships between human beings. It is the antithesis of Wagnerian style; many of the protagonists are stereotypes of realistic characters.