Rapsodia in Blue: Debussy, Satie and Gershwin for piano four hands and dance. The concert will be on January 15 at 9 pm at the Sala dei Cento Pacifici at the Ridotto of Masini Theatre, with the Duo Petrouchka, Massimo Caselli and Alessandro Barneschi, virtuosos of piano 4 hands, and the dancer Valentina Caggio.

The pieces by Debussy and Satie will accompany the audience up to Rapsodia in Blue, the famous song by Gershwin for piano and orchestra arranged, for the occasion, for piano 4 hands. The concert will start with Debussy’s Six Épigraphes Antiques, composed for piano four hands  in 1914. It follows Erik Satie and his Three pieces in the form of a pear, “Trois morceaux en forme de poire“. Satie wrote them to answer Debussy, who accused him of not paying due attention to the structures of the compositions. At the end of this excursus through the piano four hands, here is the final piece: the famous Rapsodia in Blue by George Gershwin, which closes everything as a synthesis and an apotheosis, it marks the final evolution of an instrument – the piano – capable to support the most enigmatic inventions of human talent.