Two exceptional virtuosos, the pianist Bruno Canino and the rising star of the violin Ksenia Dubrovskaya, will be the protagonists of the concert dedicated to the Sonatas for violin and piano by Johann Sebastian Bach, that will held on Saturday 2 February (9.00 pm) at the Ridotto of the Masini Theatre in Faenza.

The six Sonatas for violin and harpsichord were composed between 1717-23 when Bach was choirmaster at the reformed court of Prince Leopold in Köthen. The Sonatas chosen for this concert are therefore very particular, because in those years the great composer – because of the Calvinist atmosphere that did not prefer sacred music – could devote himself more to instrumental music. In the case of the Sonata number 3, for example, unlike the sonatas for violin and continuo, in which the violin itself guides the melody, here is the harpsichord (and now the piano) to have a greater role, both for the right hand that for the left, while the violin embellish.

“Bach: quattro Sonate per violino e pianoforte” this the title of the concert, in which will perform the young promise of international concertism, talent of the great Russian school, Ksenia Dubrovskaya at the violin next to a true monument of Italian concertism Bruno Canino at the piano, in a program of great beauty that includes some of the best sonata of the master par excellence.