The next concert on Monday 11 March (at 21.00) in the Sala dei Cento Pacifici at the Ridotto of the Teatro Masini is dedicated to love voices.

The protagonists of the concert will be Diana Hobel, reciting voice and Francesco Prode, piano, directed by Claudio Rastelli, also the creator of the project which consists of his original music and texts written by Diana Hobel.

“Voices d’amore” comes from a game of bi-unequivocal correspondences. Loves (lived, documented, legendary, mysterious, concealed, invented) and music flow together, share biographical and aesthetic, psychological and technical elements, and bring listeners into the intimacy of the lives and works of great composers. “Voices d’amore” is composed of a selection of pieces by great authors of the past alternated with music composed by Claudio Rastelli on which the words of the actress Diana Hobel flow. There is the mysterious love of Beethoven, the legendary love of Tristan and Isolde by Wagner / Liszt; Schumann’s conjugal love; the paternal love of Schubert and finally the stormy loves of Mozart’s Magic Flute.