The great Russian pianist Arcadi Volodos will inaugurate the ERF#StignaniMusica 2019-20 winter season on Friday 25 October (9 pm). For the occasion, he will perform pieces by Liszt and Schumann.

The choice of the program is due to his enormous talent and to the Italian stage. Liszt in particular found inspiration in Italian culture by reading Petrarch’s Canzoniere, which inspired, with three sonnets, compositions inspired by the atmospheres evoked by the poet’s pen. Volodos’ narrative and expressive ability will be compared with Sonnet No. 123 by Petrarca. In addition to this, La Lugubre Gondola and St. François d’Assisi will complete the Liszt book. Some pieces from Bunte Blätter by Schumann will be performed, a cycle of piano pieces that constitute a key work of romantic culture.