On February 7 at 9.00 pm, at the Cassero Theatre of Castel San Pietro Terme, there will be the last concert of the concert season ERF@CasseroMusica. The Duomo Ensemble, one of the most original chamber music groups, will perform with “Music & Film: Donaggio, Ortolani, Morricone”, a programme dedicated to film music.

The Duomo Ensemble will pay homage to three great composers who have made the history of cinema and music. Not only a representation but also a reworking: the originality of the Duomo Ensemble is based in the interpreters who constitute it: the guitar of Roberto Porroni, founder of the group, the flute of Pier Filippo Barbano, the violin of Germana Porcu, the viola of Antonello Leofreddi and the cello of Marcella Schiavelli.

The program will also feature music by Riz Ortolani, such as Zeder, Il cuore altrove, More, Ma quando arrivano le ragazze? and by Pino Donaggio, who dedicated his Specchio del tempo to the Duomo Ensemble. His De Palma Suite and Blow Out will also be performed. Finally, the section dedicated to Maestro Morricone with pieces from For Love One Can Die, Lolita, Legami, Il buono il brutto il cattivo, La piovra e The Mission.