“Su invito delle muse”, Sunday 9 August (9.30 pm), one of the most important orchestras of the national scene, the Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini, conducted by the great Enrico Onofri, here also as solo violin, arrives at the Arena San Domenico in Forlì; the orchestra will perform in a concert that unites Vivaldi, Mozart and Rossini.

The concert programme will begin with Antonio Vivaldi who never ceases to amaze, even as a character, an expression of the eighteenth-century Venetian soul with its contradictions and the irrepressible desire to enjoy life, which corresponds to his music with abstruse and intriguing titles. The Violin Concerts op. 4 are accompanied, for example, by the term La Stravaganza which means the intention of the musician to be able to indulge in alternative paths while favoring freedom and inspiration. Another is the Grosso Mogul, given to the Concerto RV 208 whose reference is connected to the diamond in the possession of the Great Mogul: the allusion aims to underline the high quality of the composition, rich in brilliant virtuosity that find a new expression in the Grave-Recitativo and in the final cadence that looks like a free Fantasia.

Speaking of extravagant combinations: the concert Su invito delle muse will also include the nocturnal Serenade K. 239, one of the most enchanting works of the first Mozart, written for a particular ensemble, consisting of two orchestras, or rather, a string orchestra with timpani (which play a leading role) and a string quartet that dialogues with the first one. As for “strangeness”, however, Rossini is second to none: all his work is able to amaze starting from the Six Sonatas for four, composed at the age of 12, for two violins, cello and double bass of which the No.1 is performed here with the string orchestra. There is no melancholy nor drama in these notes: everything is light, clear and joyful.