It will be “La Musica è pericolosa” by the Academy Award-winning Nicola Piovani to open the XXI edition of Emilia Romagna Festival, Friday, June 25 (9.30 pm) at the Rocca Sforzesca in Imola.

La Musica è pericolosa – Concertato is a musical tale, where Nicola Piovani tells the audience the meaning of his jagged paths that led him to flank the work of De André, Fellini, Magni; Spanish, French, Dutch directors, for theater, cinema, television, instrumentalist singers, alternating the performance of theatrically unpublished songs with new versions of better-known songs, rearranged for the occasion.

In the theatrical story the word comes where the music cannot reach, but, above all, the music is the master where the word does not know and cannot reach. The scene videos integrate the story with images of films, shows and, above all, images that artists such as Luzzati and Manara have dedicated to the musical work of Piovani.

The show is staged by an ensemble of exceptional musicians, as well as Nicola Piovani on piano, Marina Cesari on sax/clarinet, Pasquale Filastò on cello/guitar, Ivan Gambini on drums/percussion, Marco Loddo on double bass and Rossano Baldini on keyboards.

A composer of cinema and theatre music, songs, chamber music and symphonic music, Piovani has worked with leading Italian directors including Bellocchio, Monicelli, Taviani, Moretti, Loy, Tornatore, Federico Fellini, and with Roberto Benigni won the Oscar the soundtrack of La vita è bella.