After the premiere of last season, Emilia Romagna Festival has the pleasure to propose the Tribute to Fellini and Guerra – Tuesday, June 29 (21 pm) in Piazza della Molinella in Faenza – with the histrionic Romagnolo actor Ivano Marescotti who will pay homage to two of the most beloved Romagnoli.

After a long career spent among theaters, working with directors such as Mario Martone, Carlo Cecchi, Giampiero Solari, Giorgio Albertazzi, and sets throughout Italy, having played over 50 films, under the direction of Oscar awards such as Antony Minghella and Ridley Scott and, among others, Marco Risi, Roberto Benigni, Pupi Avati, and Carlo Mazzacurati, Ivano Marescotti is back to his roots, starting from 1993 a work of recovery of his Romagnolo dialect.

In this perspective of return to the roots of their identity and their language is inserted the Homage to Fellini and War, a project that aims to exalt, to say it in words of the same Marescotti, “the deep root of the character of the Romagnolo which is tragicomic, that is tragic and comic together: you laugh not to cry”.

The show takes shape with the poetry and prose texts of Tonino Guerra who wrote many of Fellini’s films, first of all Amarcord, the most famous and representative masterpiece of the universal value of Italian poetry and art in the world.