Thursday, July 22 in the beautiful scenery of the Imola Rocca Sforzesca, the Brazilian guitarism of Yamandu Costa meets the tradition of the Argentine tango of Martín Sued, a balance that is expressed straddling the tradition of the two countries, reconstructing at the same time imaginaries that cross over contaminating each other.

To open the evening a song by Costa, the spirited Lapa Hora, a dialogue that alternates purely rhythmic and enthralling moments to romantic melodies to which Paraguayta will follow, with nocturnal and persuasive tones. More bucolic tones, strained rhythmic tension and more relaxed melodies for the songs composed by Sued that recall the tired emotions of the hot sunny days and the silence of the early afternoon that unites our Mediterranean with South America animated by some guitar flicker that props up the slow accordion motif. It is an evocative music of these two performers, who traditionally see a universal grammar, able to stage real places and faces without the use of actors or sets, but with the pinch of a guitar and the claudicing melodies of a bandonéon.

The only song by a third author is A San Telmo by the talented guitarist Roberto Grela, known for his exuberant technicalities that make his tango always very animated and engaging. Closing the concert will be Clara, a piece of Costa with melancholy and nostalgic tones.