14luglio21:30DISCORSI DI FILOSOFIA EXTRA E NONErmanno Cavazzoni & eXtraLiscioCOTIGNOLA Arena delle balle di paglia21:30(GMT+02:00)

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Sunday 14 July time 9.30 pm

COTIGNOLA Arena delle balle di paglia

Ermanno Cavazzoni & eXtraLiscio


ERMANNO CAVAZZONI voce, discorsi


Mirco Mariani 12 strings electric guitar, piano, voice

Johnny Moreno Il Biondo clarinet, alto sax, voice

Big Mauro Ferrara voice

Massimo Simonini preparated Theremin

Marcello Monduzzi electric guitar, synth

Enrico Milli trumpet,  accordion

Nicolò Scalabrin electric bass, manouche guitar

Daniele Bartoli electric guitar, electric bass

Daniele Marzi drums

Texts by Ermanno Cavazzoni

Music by Mirco Mariani, traditional incursions and liscio emiliano-romagnolo

production Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Modena – Festival l’Altro Suono

in collaboration with Emilia Romagna Festival and AngelicA

edited by Ermanno Cavazzoni


Ermanno Cavazzoni, who was born in Reggio nell’Emilia in 1947, is a professor of “poetry and rhetoric” at the University of Bologna, and is the author of books such as Gli scrittori inutili, Guida agli animali fantastici and Il limbo delle fantasticazioni. Cavazzoni has collaborated with Federico Fellini at the subject and script of his latest film La voce della luna, inspired by the novel Il poema dei lunatici, by the same Emilian author.

The Extraliscio band was established from the meeting between the multi-instrumentalist, author and composer Mirco Mariani and the musician Moreno il Biondo, who has been a member of the Orchestra Casadei for years and one of the founders of the Grande Event Orchestra. The band stands out for its original compositions which are a reinterpretation of the traditional dance music from Romagna with new sounds and new arrangements.

After discovering Mirco Mariani’s work with Extraliscio, Ermanno Cavazzoni came up with the idea of a sort of operina that is perhaps better to call a reading (with texts by Ermanno Cavazzoni and some scenic elements) hence the idea to produce a live reading concert.



Entry € 5
Free entry up to 10 years old



To reach the Arena there is a footpath (900 m) that start from the parking of the Sporting Center situated in Cenacchio Street. A shuttle service for the needs of persons with reduced mobility is available (Ph.+39 333 4183149).


in the event of rain the concert will be held on 17 July


in cooperation with


14 luglio 2019 21:30(GMT+02:00)


COTIGNOLA Arena delle balle di paglia

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