It will be the Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini, an Italian excellence, conducted by the young English Maestro Alpesh Chauhan, Principal Conductor of the Philharmonic, to inaugurate the concert in the Imola territory. Scheduled for Thursday 12 July (9.30 pm) at the Sforza Castle in Imola, the concert will present great names from the past, the present and the future with some of the best pieces by Mendelssohn, Verdi and Rossini. This year a romantic repertoire will be the prelude and the outline to the homage to Gioachino Rossini on the occasion of the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of his death. The great Maestro will debut with the splendid Symphony of the Semiramide, a perfect union of the nineteenth-century canons and the Rossini peculiarities.Verdi and Mendelssohn will complete the programme, with some preludes from La Traviata and two pieces by the Austrian, to open and close the concert.In particular, connecting the era and the musical style in a geographically transversal way, surpassing the walls of the Alps, will be performed the so-called “Italian” Symphony of the Austrian. The inspiration of the piece was the stay of Mendelssohn in Italy, which struck him so deeply that he left the memory of the atmosphere in him, until it was similar to a music.

Superfine performers will be the members of the Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini, flagship of the Foundation that carries its name, born in Parma, the city where the Maestro was born and specialized. Thanks to the thirty-year experience of the Regional Orchestra of Emilia Romagna, the Filarmonica is today more than matured on the artistic level. Sinking roots in the Ducal Orchestra ordered in Parma by Niccolò Paganini in 1835/36, the Filarmonica has continued to evolve up to the contemporary Masters. Last of all, by temporal succession but not by talent, it is Alpesh Chauhan, who has been nominated Principal Director since September 2017.


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