Ramin Bahrami and the “Goldberg Variations” at the Masini Theatre in Faenza: a unique opportunity to listen to one of the most interesting internationally Bachian interpreters, who revitalizes this immeasurable masterpiece by Johann Sebastian Bach with the freshness of a renewed interpretation.

The concert on 5th November (at 9.00 pm) will see the star Ramin Bahrami, extraordinary interpreter of Bach at the piano, performing in the “Goldberg Variations”, the work-monument of the great Maestro, father of the western music. Bach found its completion perhaps just with the “Variations”, built with a perfectly mathematical architecture – full of symmetries, references and variations.

The “Variations” were written to cheer the insomnia of Count von Brühl, who finally managed to find a way to cheer the long night hours, thanks to listening to the work performed by the admirable Johann Gottlieb Goldberg, the only one who knew how to face the difficulties of the composition with the due skills. Bach’s experimentation summit in the entire course of his life, the “Goldberg Variations” will be performed by Ramin Bahrami, true “keyboard poet” – as defined by the Leipziger volkszeitung, one of the few in the world capable of dealing with the complexity of this opera, like a modern Goldberg.

Born in Teheran, Ramin Bahrami has been directing his interpretative research on Bach from the beginning, making his German, Russian, Turkish and Persian origins a strength and being able to perceive the universality of every work he touches the keys through his cosmopolitan sensitivity.