Ramin Bahrami is one of the most important Bach’s performer in the world, he is a great pianist and a friend of Emilia Romagna Festival. He said in a book for Mondadori: “Bach saved my life”. Ramin Bahrami will receive the ERF Lifetime Achievement Award on Sunday 6 August at 7:15 pm in the beautiful Fantini Palace at Tredozio.

The date will start at 5.30 pm with a guided tour in the nineteenth-century style garden of the Fantini Palace. At 6.00 pm a wine tasting by the Agricultural Holding Comparini of Empoli will take place. At 7.15 pm, after the award ceremony, Ramin Bahrami will perform at the piano and will present his latest book Nonno Bach. La musica spiegata ai bambini (ed. Bompiani).

Ramin Bahrami has already shown his literary abilities in two books, but Nonno Bach will be a tale for children: grandfather Bach talks to his grandson and explains him his life and music, describing the values of friendship and hope.

Entry ticket for the concert: € 10

Guided tour and wine tasting ticket: € 5

Booking mandatory for the guided tour and the wine tasting: ERF tel. 0542 25747