Two evenings between music and dance entirely dedicated to the charm of flamenco: the first one on 20th December (6 pm) at the Business Lounge of G. Marconi airport of Bologna and the second one on 21st December (9 pm) at Masini Theatre in Faenza. The protagonist will be the dance of Miguelete, enriched by the interpretations of Ramon Jaffè on cello and Johannes Hoffmann Minera on guitar.

Flamenco, a very ancient musical genre, evokes the colours and the smell of Andalusia, the land from where it was born. Emilia Romagna Festival wanted to bring, for the second time in the Region, the whole flamenco tradition to let still live that ancient dance developed among the gypsies.

Miguelete, the dancer, was born near Dresden in Germany. His enthusiasm for flamenco emerged during his first dance studies and let him developed projects with Spanish and international flamenco artists.

Johannes Hoffmann Minera started playing the flamenco guitar when he was 14 and gradueted at Rotterdam Conservatory under the supervision of world-renowned flamenco master Paco Peña. Then he moved to Spain, where he worked for several years to learn more about the traditions of flamenco.

Ramon Jaffè, an extraordinary cellist, was strongly influenced by Pedro Bacan, who introduced him to the secrets of the fascinating world of flamenco.