On Tuesday 18 August (9.15 pm), in Codigoro, at the splendid courtyard of the Pomposa Abbey, there will be the presentation of the album “Once Upon a Time”, the result of the prestigious Massimo Urbani International Award, won by Emilia Zamuner in Camerino in 2016. Emilia will be accompanied by some of the biggest names of the Italian jazz scene: Massimo Moriconi on double bass, Massimo Manzi on drums and Piero Frassi on piano.

Once upon a time, produced by Philology records, is her last album. Recorded in 2016, due to various vicissitudes it had the opportunity to be published only in 2019. This work is the summary of Emilia Zamuner’s artistic career, marked by the sounds of George Gershwin’s Jazz of the 30s up to the Jazz of the 90s with songs by Mingus and Horace Silver, without of course forgetting the Brazilian tradition of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s music.