Rotte Mediterranee – racconti, musiche, canzoni is the title of the show for voice and guitars, based on folk tales and songs from the Mediterranean area and original compositions by Giovanni Seneca. Proposed by Moni Ovadia, it will take place on Friday 21 August (9.00 pm) at the Teatro all’Aperto di Largo Cappuccini, Cesenatico. On stage together with Ovadia there will be Seneca and the singer Anissa Gouizi, Gabriele Pesaresi on double bass and Francesco Savoretti on Mediterranean percussion.

In Rotte Mediterranee the sea is a bridge that connects closely linked worlds, thanks to those who believe in culture as a communication instrument for dialogue between peoples. The songs of the concert feature elements in several local languages such as Bulgarian, Serbian, Greek, Ladin, Turkish and various Italian dialects. It is a multilingual repertoire, in which sometimes the same melody accompanies texts in different languages, sometimes the same song is composed by verses in various languages.

Music and songs are inspired by the different cultures of the Mediterranean and the dialogue between peoples; starting from Italy we set off on a journey that touches Spain, North Africa, Greece and reaches the Balkans. Moni Ovadia and Giovanni Seneca together with the Italian-Algerian singer Anissa Gouizi, the double bass and percussion blend music, singing and words in an original form of theatrical concert.