On 5 December at the church of San Francesco in Faenza, at 9 pm the Euridice Choir will perform, directed by the master Pier Paolo Scattolin, together with the Arcangelo Corelli Orchestra, conducted by Piero Monti, with a concert in memory of Father Albino Varotti , the composer and Franciscan friar from Emilia, who passed away earlier this year. For the occasion will be played pieces by Varotti and Vivaldi, another famous priest and composer.

A distinguished musician, scholar and teacher, having approached many young people to music, bringing them to more levels, Albino Varotti deserves the homage of Faenza. The concert will take place in the context of the initiatives promoted and organized on the occasion of the 40th year of the foundation of the “Gabriele Fattorini” Musical Association, established on November 10th 1978.

To interpret the pieces will be the Choral Society Euridice, the oldest choral institution in Bologna, accompained by the Angelo Corelli Orchestra.