Saturday, July 24 (at 9), in Molinella Square in Faenza, an evening dedicated to songs and improvisations on Latin American music entrusted to the Brazilian composer and guitarist Yamandu Costa and his seven-string guitar, particular instrument used in Brazil mainly in Choro and Samba.

One of the greatest phenomena of Brazilian music of all time, Yamandu Costa confirms and deserves all the praise he gets when he plays his guitar live. Considered one of the greatest talents of Brazilian guitar, it is a worldwide reference in the interpretation of South American music.

The concert on the occasion of “Breath to Brazil: X” is a journey across the Atlantic Ocean to flow into the Mediterranean through countless sound influences: from the samba of Baden Powell to the bossa nova of Antonio Carlos Jobim passing through the rhythmic of the Argentine tango arriving at the Portugal of António Chainho. A mix of sounds that comes from the continuous experimentation of Yamandu Costa on the Brazilian style.

His creativity, freely developed on an absolutely unattainable technique, explores all the possibilities of the 7-string guitar, renewing old themes and presenting his own compositions, always offering a passionate and contagious show.