Tuesday, August 10 an evening entirely dedicated to the great composers of the Italian Baroque. Inside the Theatre immersed in the Parco dell’Osservanza in Imola, a program performed by the Barocco Italiano ensemble that traces the music of the seventeenth century until the first half of the eighteenth century.

A journey to discover the period during which Italian music and musicians have been a reference point at European level. Musicians such as Vivaldi, Tartini, Albinoni, Scarlatti, Pergolesi, Monteverdi, but also Corelli, Lully (real name Giovanni Battista Lulli of Florence) and many others, were called by the European courts to compose sonatas, symphonies and sacred pieces for any occasion.

To them is dedicated the program of the evening focused on the work of Antonio Vivaldi, also studied by Bach and Handel, which still today, after more than three centuries, represents the Venetian music par excellence, and perhaps the entire Italian music in the world. The Italian composer offers four concerts that invite you to imagine the splendor of the Venice of the Doges, when the Serenissima Republic was a naval and commercial power for much of the Mediterranean, when the city expressed musical culture, theatrical and artistic of the highest level. In this almost monographic program, another Venetian author stands out, even if he was born in Istria, the peninsula now no longer Italian but at the time also of the Venetian Republic: Giuseppe Tartini, whose sonata La mia Filli for solo violin will be performed this evening.

To perform the compositions Stefano Bagliano (recorder), Elisa Spremulli (violin) that replaces Federico Guglielmo unable to participate for an important health problem, Valerio Giannarelli (violin), Claude Haury (cello) and Corrado Greco (harpsichord) of the recently established Barocco Italiano ensemble composed of virtuoso musicians, protagonists for many years of the national and international scene in the field of ancient and baroque music, chamber music and contemporary music. Their “Vivaldi da camera project” program has been very successful over the past year.