Friday, August 13 at the Arena San Domenico in Forlì Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi and his string quintet Pietrod …archi Ensemble will accompany the audience in a path that from Morricone’s Rome arrives at Piazzola’s Buenos Aires with “From Rome to Buenos Aires”.

A musical journey led by the young Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi and his accordion in a program that proposes the music of the cinematography of Morricone to touch the felliniano Nino Rota, the young composer Giuseppe Sangeniti and finishes with the Buenos Aires piazzolliana on the occasion of the celebration of the hundred years of the birth of the Argentine master. A final homage to the music that was called “tango nuevo”, a heresy for many Argentinians compared to the traditional tango of Gardel and for which Piazzolla was much contested at home so as to leave it for many years, becoming instead famous in the rest of the world.

Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi, despite his young age, has already gained considerable professional experience that allows him to range, with his bellows instruments, between different ages and genres. With his accordion and bandoneon he has already reached dizzying artistic heights, performing in prestigious concert halls, winning many competitions, collaborating with great artists and, above all, inventing very special musical paths in their originality.

Accompanying the accordion of Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi, the string quintet composed by Federica Severini and Alessia Avagliano (violins), Martina Iacò (viola), Francesca Giglio (cello) and Gianluigi Pennino (double bass) whose sounds between tradition and experimentation catapult the listener into a time machine: poised between the humble phonic reality in love, sovereignly cantabile, carnal and terrestrial from the bellows instrument, and the noble abstraction charged with tradition, velvety, dreamy, immaterial made by the five bows.